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We are Building the Future of Capital Investment

Our Specialization

We develop AI-based forecasting models for global equity markets, empowering investors to make better investment decisions.

Our Solutions

You can benefit from our AI-based stock forecasts in various ways.

Investment Funds & Individual Mandates

Our investment funds give you direct access to AI-based equity strategies. Customized solutions can be implemented through Individual mandates.

100 % systematic and transparent:

No irrational or discretionary decisions

Millions of data points are processed and analyzed every trading day

Adaptive design:

AI models constantly learn and adapt to structural changes

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Index Solutions

You can participate in the performance of AI-optimized stock indices via ETFs.

100 % systematic:

Quantitatively powered optimization of the index

ESG-compliant diversified equity investment

Index proximity:
Low tracking error to major market indices

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Ultrascope gives you access to AI-based equity research on more than 5,000 companies worldwide.

Globale coverage:

A more comprehensive scope and deeper insights than human analyst teams

On Demand:
Available 24/7


Easy integration into different use cases via modern API

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Symbiotic Conception

We combine the potential of Artificial Intelligence with best practices in quantitative asset management.

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Driven by Performance

Where others see only white noise in financial markets, for us, the fascination starts. We are committed to shaping the era of AI in capital investment.

Ultrascope Snapshot

Screenshot of Ultrascope with detailed financial metrics analysis and predictions for the Apple stock.

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