The Best of Two Worlds

We combine the potential of Artificial Intelligence with best practices in quantitative asset management to add value in capital markets for our clients.


Our Mission

We are pioneers for a new generation of capital market models based on Artificial Intelligence. Empowering professional and private investors to make informed investment decisions - enabling them to create sustainable and greater value - that's what we stand for.

Our Competencies

The Ultramarin AI Platform

Equity Selection

The prediction of the cross-section of financial markets is data-driven and systematic. Our holistic stock selection process relies on artificial intelligence to analyze fundamentals and market data. For this, we develop customized AI technologies to meet the specific requirements of asset management. This includes the identification of predictive drivers of different investment philosophies using machine learning methods. The cross-sectional forecasts obtained are transformed into transparent investment decisions by applying modern portfolio optimization.

Tactical Equity Allocation

Our models analyze the complex, constantly changing interdependencies between economic data and price developments in international equity and bond markets. The management of equity ratios and their tactical management over business cycles as well as changing risk regimes in capital markets is based on a large number of macroeconomic variables and fundamental valuation relationships. Applying machine learning to asset pricing helps us discover non-linear relationships between the macroeconomic environment and systemic risk.

Data Lake

Our multitemporal database specializes in storing heterogeneous point-in-time data. Terabytes of information from financial markets, fundamental data and economic indicators are provided versioned. The data is automatically processed and validated for quality in a way that makes it ideal for training AI models.

AI Brain & Analytics

The cloud platform hosts developed AI models. Daily data is analyzed automatically, models re-trained and forecasts generated. The accuracy of stock and risk forecasts is assessed with automated diagnostic tools. The importance of individual factors and economic drivers of predictions are broken down in detail.

AI Controlling & Portfolio Optimization

AI-based predictions are implemented via our portfolio optimization, taking into account mandate-specific requirements. Live and backtest performance of products is analyzed via AI Controlling. The module combines AI analytics with traditional financial metrics to assess and monitor daily performance and strategy risk comprehensively.

Our Solutions

We specialize in equity selection and tactical equity allocation.

Investment Funds & Individual Mandates

Our investment funds give you direct access to AI-based equity strategies. Customized solutions can be implemented through Individual mandates.

100 % systematic and transparent: No irrational or discretionary decisions

Holistic: Millions of data points are processed and analyzed every trading day

Adaptive design: AI models constantly learn and adapt to structural changes

Index Solutions

You can participate in the performance of AI-optimized stock indices via ETFs.

100 % systematic:  Quantitatively powered optimization of the index composition

Sustainable: ESG-compliant diversified equity investment

Index proximity: Low tracking error to major market indices


The Ultrascope gives you access to AI-based equity research on more than 2,000 companies worldwide.

Globale coverage: A more comprehensive scope and deeper insights than human analyst teams

On Demand: Available 24/7

Flexibility: Easy integration into different use cases via modern API

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