The Engine Room

Science and technology are the cornerstones of Ultramarin. We publish in scientific journals and engage with academia in our core disciplines of Machine Learning, Capital Markets, and Computer Science.

capital markets

Consumption Taxes and Corporate Investment

Maximilian Müller, Martin Jacob and Roni Michaely, (2019) The Review of Financial Studies , (32): 3144–3182

investment strategies

Faktorbasierte Aktienstrategien im Konjunkturzyklus

Oertmann, Peter, (2018) Absolut Report

capital markets

Tax Loss Carrybacks: Investment Stimulus versus Misallocation

Maximilian Müller, Inga Bethmann and Martin Jacob, (2018) The Accounting Review , (93): 101–125

capital markets

Share repurchases and myopia: Implications on the stock and consumer markets

Bendig, D., Willmann, D., Strese, S., & Brettel, M., (2018) Journal of Marketing , 82(2), 19-41

Our Projects

We are part of an international community whose work benefits everyone. Wherever possible, we release tools and frameworks developed by our teams as open-source software.

Our Approach

AI-based models: The future of capital investment

We combine the potential of Artificial Intelligence with best practices in quantitative asset management.

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